Transformation with Entrepreneurship

A Family History

From a marine engineering office in imperial Mannheim to a leading global provider of safety solutions in a digitally connected world. Learn about the history of HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH and the milestones spanning four generations of a family business full of passionate safety specialists.


The young engineer Johannes Hildebrandt founds a marine engineering office in Mannheim named Johannes Hildebrandt OHG, selling shipping equipment in Mannheim's harbor.

Paul Hildebrandt

Paul Hildebrandt takes over his father's business and starts producing control panels, pressure and temperature controls, and control and monitoring systems for heavy industry. In 1936, HIMA (Hildebrandt Mannheim) is registered as a business in the city of Mannheim.


Bernhard Philipp, Paul Hildebrandt's son-in-law takes over as the managing director of HIMA. From this point onwards, the company builds upon new transistor technology. In the 1960s, the safety of the chemical industry moves into the foreground. In 1967, HIMA presents the transistor system "Planar P".

Steffen Philipp

Steffen Philipp becomes managing partner. He takes the company into the fourth generation. Under his leadership, HIMA becomes a world's leading global solution provider for safety-related automation.

HIMA is positioned worldwide

Year Locations
1993 HIMA Malaysia
2003 HIMA Australia
2003 HIMA France
2005 HIMA Americas
2006 HIMA Middle East, Dubai
2006 HIMA Shanghai
2007 HIMA Italia
2007 HIMA Slovakia
2008 HIMA Benelux
2010 HIMA Middle East, Oman
2011 HIMA Asia Pacific, Singapur
2021 HIMA Innovation LAB himalaya
2022 HIMA Argentina
2022 HIMA Saudi Arabia
2022 Customer Solutions Center Germany und Singapore
2023 HIMA Group acquires Sella Controls

Our journey to becoming a global provider of safety-related automation solutions

Year Technological milestones
1970 World's first hard-wired safety system and world's first TÜV-certified safety system (Planar F)
1986 World's first programmable safety controller and world's first TÜV-certified programmable safety system (H50)
1998 World's first 2oo4D safety system for maximum availability (HIQuad)
1998 World's first safety-related communication via Ethernet and world's first TÜV-tested safety-related Ethernet communication up to SIL 3 (SafeEthernet)
2002 World's first TÜV-tested safety controller for distributed automation solutions in the process industry and factory automation up to SIL 3/PL e (HIMatrix)
2008 World's first non-stop safety system up to SIL 3 (HIMax).
2008 In-house developed engineering, maintenance and diagnostic tools for HIMA safety systems (SILworX)
2009 Achilles Level 1 Security Certificate for the HIMax safety system
2013 World's first programmable SIL 3 safety system-on-chip (HICore 1)
2017 Cyber Security Certificate from TÜV Rheinland and ISAsecure for the SL 1 in accordance with IEC 62443-4-1/2 (HIMax safety system)
2018 Extension of the proven 2oo4D technology with the 4th generation of HIQuad safety systems (HIQuad X)
2018 Launch of a cross-system platform concept for all HIMA safety controllers (Smart Safety Platform)
2020 SILworX engineering tool extended to all HIMA system families to enable digitalization and integration of industry 4.0 features (API, Smart Safety Test)
2022 Expansion with PROFINET/PROFIsafe, OPC UA, RaSTA (Rail) as part of the Independent Open Integration approach.